Tips For Brewing Tea That Tastes Identical To Tea House Brewed Tea

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If you love the tea at your local tea house but, for some reason, when you make the same blend at home it never tastes exactly the same, then you will be pleased to know there are things you can do to change that. Brewing your favorite tea just like the professionals simply requires following each of these time-tested tips:

Tip: Buy Your Tea Mix from the Tea House and Ensure It is the Same Batch They are Brewing

Since tea blends with the same name will vary wildly in flavor, if you want to match the flavor of your tea house's tea, then you should buy your tea leaves from them. When you buy the tea, ask the tea house if it is the same batch that they have brewed for you. If not, then ask to purchase their blend instead.

Tip: Use the Right Water for Brewing Your Tea

Just as water has a variety of flavors depending on where it came from, the water you use to brew your tea will vary its flavor as well. The flavors you taste in water depends on the minerals found in that water source. While the minerals in most water won't harm you, simple things like calcium, sodium, and magnesium will change the chemistry of your tea. 

If your local tea house brews your tea with distilled water, then changing to distilled water for brewing your tea at home will improve its flavor. When you purchase your tea mix, ask the tea house what type of water they use for brewing.

Tip: Always Boil the Water You Use to Brew Tea

While you may not want your tea to be boiling hot, it is vital that you boil the water you use to make tea. Boiling the water serves a variety of purposes. Two of the most important being:

In addition to boiling the water you use to make your tea, you should also use a metal or clay teapot to brew the tea so the water will retain its heat.

Tip: Know Exactly How Long to Infuse the Tea Leaves for Optimal Flavor

Finally, it is very important that you brew your tea leaves for the same amount of time as your local tea house if you want to match their flavor. If they don't brew your tea in your presence, then ask them how long they brew and do the same at home for a fantastic cup of tea.

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