Healthy Tips For Improving Your Candy Company's Dark Chocolate Sales

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One of the greatest aspects of dark chocolate is, of course, its taste, the reason so much money can be made selling it in the form of candy bars and other sweet treats. However, dark chocolate also has health benefits that many of your customers may not know about. If you are not putting the health benefits of dark chocolate on the labels of the candies you make using it, you could be losing out on sales. Many customers would be more likely to purchase candies made with nutritious ingredients. Check out some of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Flavonoids In Cocoa Beans And Dark Chocolate        

Cardiovascular disease, also referred to as heart disease, is a silent killer. A lot of research has been done about how the development of atherosclerosis is the first condition that ultimately leads to compromised blood pressure and heart disease. The good news is the flavonoids in cocoa beans act as strong antioxidants and targets the free radical oxidation of LDL cholesterol in blood vessels that leads to atherosclerosis. LDL cholesterol is responsible for the plaque that builds up on the walls of blood vessels, causing them to become blocked or to have slow blood flow. The flavonoids in cocoa beans have also been found to help regulate vessel tone, a benefit that helps to maintain a normal blood pressure. Candies you make using cocoa beans can contain some of these cardiovascular benefits. However, the candy you make using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate will be the ones with the healthiest benefits because of the higher level of polyphenols in it.

Dark Chocolate Can Chase Away The Blues

If you manufacture candies containing dark chocolate, you could be helping a lot of your customers chase away the blues. While dark chocolate will not completely destroy anxiety and depression, it certainly can help. Dark chocolate contains tryptophan, a precursor to the brain's neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for sending out 'feel good' messages. Tryptophan leads the way for higher production of serotonin, so when your customers eat dark chocolate, it makes them feel good and it's not only because the taste is heavenly.

Increasing your dark chocolate sales can be done by putting the health benefits of it on the labeling you package your candies in. Invest in new package labeling so you can include the health benefits of dark chocolate and watch how it can make a difference in your sales.