How To Design Your Own Rub

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If you aren't routinely experimenting with barbecue rubs, you're missing out. More than anything else, a barbecue rub can enrich and transform your meals. They add flavor and you'll never know what to expect. However, there are a few tricks regarding how you use rubs to infuse your meat with flavor. If you want to create your own unique meals, you may even want to create your own original rub. 

The Basic Ingredients of a BBQ Rub

The most basic parts of a rub that play a major role in the flavor of your meat are salt, pepper and sugar. They are not only common ingredients, but are part of most BBQ rubs. Salt has the power to cause sweet flavors to stand out and also acts to suppress bitter flavors. 

Table salt is the most simplistic option, but can still taste great. But kosher salt can often taste better. Sea salt is a good choice if you want a more complicated flavor. If you want to give your friends a different experience, consider using Fleur de Sel. One of the newest types of salts is smoked salt. This involves taking salt and smoking it over a wooden fire. This type of salt is made for barbecues. 

The black peppercorns are unripe berries that have been dried either through cooking or by being left out in the sun. The ones that are white started out as being black, but were cooked and peeled. If they are green, they were picked before they matured and are often used for French steaks. However, if you'd like to try something very different, one option is a pink peppercorn. These come from south America and do not come from the same family as the other peppercorns. They have a different flavor that most people love. 

Adding Other Flavors

The key to a great rub is to get a handle of these ingredients. Then you can begin to experiment with other ingredients, such as transition spices and signature flavors, to create a rub that is unique and delicious while also not being overpowering. Common ingredients include:

If you don't want to put your own rubs together, consider looking into a barbecue rub supplier. This is a great idea if you feel as if your barbecue is feeling too same-old and you'd like something different.