Six Of The Most Important Things To Know About Chimichurri Sauce

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If you need to prepare recipes that include Chimichurri sauce, there are a few important things that you should know about this important ingredient. The following are six of the most important things to know when it comes to chimichurri sauce.  

Chimichurri sauce comes from Argentina.

Argentina is the country in which chimichurri sauce originated. However, chimichurri sauce has also come to be associated with the cuisine of the neighboring country of Uruguay as well. There are numerous variations of chimichurri sauce produced in different regions of these two South American countries.  

Chimichurri sauce comes in both red and green varieties.

Although chimichurri is most commonly a green sauce, it also comes in a red sauce variety. The red color of the red variety of chimichurri sauce is achieved through the addition of roasted red pepper and paprika. These additions give the red variety of the sauce a more smokey flavor. 

Chimichurri sauce recipes can contain numerous different herb and seasonings mixtures.

The most basic ingredient that just about any type of chimichurri sauce contains is parsley. Most recipes for chimichurri sauce also include olive oil.

However, the other ingredients in the sauce can vary widely depending on what variety is being produced. Other ingredients can include garlic, oregano, red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, and more. 

Chimichurri sauce goes well with a variety of meats.

In traditional Argentinian and Uruguayan cooking, chimichurri is typically used as a meat sauce. It is most often used on meats that are prepared through grilling. It is commonly used on numerous meats including steaks, chorizo sausage, pork, and chicken. 

It's also not uncommon to see chimichurri used to add flavor to many vegetarian recipes. 

It's possible to buy chimichurri wholesale.

Buying chimichurri sauce wholesale is a good solution for households and businesses that use this recipe ingredient frequently.

Buying wholesale quantities of chimichurri is a great way to stock up on this ingredient while also minimizing its cost. Wholesale chimichurri is typically priced at a lower cost per unit than chimichurri that is sold in a retail environment. 

Wholesale chimichurri in bottles needs to be stored properly.

Those who buy wholesale chimichurri will need to find an appropriate storage solution. Bottled chimichurri sauce should be stored in an environment that's cool and dry.

Ideally, chimichurri sauce should also be stored in a dark environment. Excess exposure to light through storage containers could cause a quality loss in bottled chimichurri sauce over time. 

For more information on how to buy chimichurri wholesale, contact a company near you.