Creative Ways to Use Pecans in Recipes

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If you love pecans, consider purchasing them in bulk from a reputable wholesale small pecan halves retailer so that you'll always have them on hand for a quick snack or a recipe. Buying the nuts in bulk is not only convenient, but you may also end up saving money as well. Pecans are available in halves, which may make them easier to work into a variety of dishes.

Pecans are crunchy nuts that are known for their rich, buttery flavor when roasted. Not only do they taste delicious, they are high in fiber, protein, and other vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy snack for people of all ages. As with any type of nut, make sure your guests don't have a pecan allergy if you plan on serving them at a special event, such as a birthday or holiday party. 

This type of nut is very versatile in that you eat them by the handful as a filling between-meal or midnight snack, or work them into breakfast, lunch, or dinner entrees. The unique flavor of pecans lends itself well to both sweet and savory dishes. 

Here are some creative ways to incorporate pecan into your favorite recipes:

1. Waffles and Pancakes 

One fast and easy way to instantly elevate basic pancakes and waffles, as well as add some protein to breakfast, is with pecans. Simply stir the nuts into the batter prior to scooping into a waffle maker or onto a skillet. 

You can customize the pancakes and waffles further with other additions that complement the pecans, such as dried fruit or chocolate chips. You can also sprinkle a few more roasted nuts over them as a garnish prior to serving. 

As a healthy twist, try adding pecans to your morning smoothie before blending to add both flavor and texture. Sprinkling them over yogurt or cereal are other options.

2. Fish

Another tasty way to use pecans is by using them to create a crunchy crust on fish filets, such as salmon or cod. Simply create a crust mixture using panko flakes, crushed pecans, and the dried seasonings of your choice. 

Then, slather both sides of the fish fillet with a coating of Dijon mustard, and then press them into the crust mixture prior to baking or frying them to a crispy finish. If you have a lot of pecans leftover, work them into side dishes, such as rice pilaf, stuffing, or roasted Brussels sprouts.