Making The Switch From Cheese To Cheese Powder

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Cheese powder is ground-up dehydrated cheese, and it's a mainstay of long-term food storage for many. Restaurants and food manufacturers like it for its longevity. If you've been using plain cheese for your food and want to switch to powder, there are a few adjustments you'll have to make.

Using the Powder in Sauce? Get the Right Type

Some cheese powder is meant to be used in any recipe that calls for cheese, from powdered coatings to sauces. Other types are meant for dry use only, such as when you're sprinkling cheese powder on popcorn. It's not always evident from labels which one is which, so check out product descriptions when ordering, and call customer service for the company that's selling the powder if the description isn't specific. Trying to use dry cheese powder meant for snacking in recipes like sauces can give disappointing results. But using the right type of powder in the right applications can provide the perfect texture and savory taste that only cheese can provide.

Refrigerating or Freezing for Longer-Term Storage

One of the reasons cheese powder exists is that it's a shelf-stable form of cheese that can last years without refrigeration. But that's if it's sealed properly and never opened. Once opened, the story's a little different. Cheese powder that you're going to use quickly (within the year) can stay out of the refrigerator if you can store it in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. If you're ordering bulk cheddar cheese powder and think you'll still have some left over after that, you should store it in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container to prevent other food odors from contaminating the cheese powder.

Keeping Different Varieties on Hand

Even if all you want is cheddar powder to add a cheesy taste to popcorn or crackers, you'll want to look into keeping different varieties around. Cheddar powder, for example, comes in both white and yellow varieties, with yellow cheese powder available in different shades from yellow to orange. People do have their preferences having both white and yellow options available (say, when selling cheese crackers) can make more people interested in buying food from you. And you may find even more variety when you look at different flavorings, such as jalapeno-cheddar powder.

Cheese powder is a delicious addition to many foods and helps your budget by allowing you to buy in bulk with less worry about spoilage. You may want to try a few brands before making that bulk purchase to find the best taste possible.

If you want to buy white cheddar cheese powder, talk to a supplier.